Christmas Luncheon (in November)

Hello Beekeepers,

Please find below the form in PDF format for registering your intention to attend the Christmas Luncheon on 24th November 2013. As you can see, there is a space to indicate what you can bring to the lunch in terms of catering. Please indicate what you intend to bring so we don’t end up with fifteen potato salads. The club will supply the usual selection of meats and desert etc, and the members will supply the salads etc.  Please bring your own wine or beer and there will be a non alcoholic punch served on the day.

Confirmation can be made by to the secretary as on the form below.

Looking forward to seeing you all on 24th November and don’t forget the field day at 11am on 17th November also at 10 Marina Close Mount Kuring-Gai 2080.

Regards,  Phil Kavanagh,  President,  North Shore Beekeepers association (NSW) Inc

NSBKA Xmas Luncheon 2013

News from the club prez…

Hello Beekeepers,

The next Bee Garden day will be held at Kavanagh Balloons factory at 10 Marina Close Mount Kuring-Gai 2080 on 17th November.

There are still a couple of hives to be re-queened and this will happen on the day. Also with the help of all, Greg will be extracting honey from the club hives. It is not certain if those hives will be moved to Mount Kuring-Gai for the extraction or we might remove the frames from the hives at the Wildflower Nursery before the Bee Garden day and just concentrate on the actual extraction process.

The club Christmas Luncheon will also be held at 10 Marina Close Mount Kuring-Gai 2080 and this is scheduled for 24th November.  Have a look at the web site soon and all the details will be posted on the “Coming Events” page.  Catering arrangements will also be published by email and on the web site soon.

This has been a busy year for our club with many new members starting off in beekeeping.  It has also been a trying time for all of us since the loss of the Turramurra Bee Garden  site.   The Ku-Ring-Gai council officers assure me that they are working as fast as possible to  get us into a new site, but are somewhat constrained by new laws governing environmental issues, not to mention new Development Application
issues.  I am hopeful of working this through to a successful conclusion, but it does seem like an uphill battle at the moment.

Looking forward to seeing you all on 17th.

Regards,   Phil Kavanagh    President

Bees in the news

Hi All,

Just a short note to alert you to an upcoming radio story on bees. If you follow the link below you will see the program description and the time it goes to air tomorrow. Also if you type “Bees” into the search panel on the same page you will see other programs already aired and these may be of interest.
Happy listening.

Regards,  Phil Kavanagh

Ted talks – September 2013

Just to let you all know that at the Chatswood street fair Last Saturday an estimated 40,000 people passed by our stall for the day.  I counted several times that about 20 people passed our stall every minute, and for 7 hours that was my count.
A wonderful effort and our takings have set a record for such a stand. It will go a long way toward our new shed when we find a council to give us an area.
Those that turned up were Joan Stebbing , Phil Kavanagh, Steve Kavanagh, Ian Savins, Ted Romer, Mary-Ellen Burke, Keith Pester, Bernard Sendlehofer, Sue Robertson, Martin Warnes and Greg Deakin for the hand cream and bees. If I have missed anyone Please lets know but you are owed a great vote of thanks for what you did. Keith and the rest of the helpers did a wonderful job at handling enquiries.
Joan was thoroughly “pooped and worn out  at days end, Bernard Sendlehofer  was our “super salesman” and our new member Sue Robertson literally stole the show with her gracious manner of charming one and all around the stall.  Ian Savin and myself must have explained to at least 50 sets of children and adults the life story about bees.  There were many requests of how to join our group of bee lovers.
If you have never come to one of our street stalls please consider  coming to one of our future events. The friendly crowds and the atmosphere made for a wonderful day. Even your children if old enough would gain valuable experience at helping to sell some of the 300 jars of honey we had on offer.
Again many many thanks to all that came and helped.
Next Sunday the 15th September our field day will again be held at Watermaid  24 Tepko Road Terrey Hills  from 11.00am  with a sausage sizzle lunch from 12.00 onward.
What we are hoping to demonstrate is how well the bees have fared from the mauling they received last month, especially the three swarms that Doyle dumped into new hives..
Doyle with Keith Pester will be demonstrating as Greg has other commitments.  We also hope to show how pollen can be gathered from a hive.
You probably are aware that I am playing with ozone in my hives and you will see how an Ozone generator can be put into each hive and not kill the bees.
My first trials were with 15 minutes per day with a 100mgm per hour solar powered generator. I am now trialling  a 4 hour stretch each day of sunshine.  You will see how I do it next  Sunday. The bees have not suffered to date.
My observations to date suggest I can eliminate chalkbrood out of the hive and the small hive beetle can be seen scamppering out of the hive when its on. I have written an article on its use and researched the lethal dose of ozone to all pests and bacteria  and viruses associated with bees.  When finished I will get you all a copy.  What I need now is for you to see what I am doing and correlate what I am observing and for you to emulate it if possible.  Total cost to each hive is $20 but the potential is huge for what it can do.
So I will hope to see you all next Sunday.  I have made lots of my honey ginger beer so please find a cup and have a taste with your sausage sizzle.  Ian has again promised to play for you all so that you can enjoy the atmosphere.

Ted Romer

Ted talks – august 2013

Don’t forget, this Wednesday at the seniors Hall at Lindfield we will have a talk by Shona Blair.  Her last talk some three years ago is still  embedded in my mind and she is well worth listening to.  She showed slides on the healing powers of honey and recently I had the opportunity to put her results to the test on my scarred pussy faced  granddaughter. She photographed her face for a month.  The results are quite amazing since the antibiotics for the last two years had had little effect.

So I will hope to see you here.

As you may be aware our bee-shed has been razed to the ground and the area is now flattened.  Next Sunday the field day will be at my factory in Tepko Road.  Lots of ground and you can park in the grounds of  22 or 26 Tepko Road. There is also parking at 24 my factory address but it may be a bit close to the bees if you bring children. Lots of playing area for them .  Mary Ellen is overseas and unable to cook for the day.  Any volunteers welcome.

The demonstration will be on preparing bees for the summer. I hope Greg will also be able to demonstrate dividing hives to make new ones as per Bruce Whites talk last month.

Also on Demonstration will be my latest Gadget to save the world from bee pests.  For anyone that read the July ABK journal on the use of Chlorine and its failure.  I once boiled some hives in 1% bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) for 5 hours four years ago and the results for AFB were still POSITIVE.

I have researched the use of Ozone.

It has the potential to kill anything and everything.  I have been putting controlled doses of Ozone into one of my hives. To date I have not killed the bees but the chalkbrood  numbers have diminished and I suspect the small hive beetle numbers are down.

Your job next Sunday will be to record what you see before I put my solar powered ozone generators into the hives.  The great thing about the Ozone generator is that it costs less than $20 to make.

If you are coming then I have limited seating… only about 20 chairs so bring a chair and table if you can.

Ian Savin has promised to play the  piano for you all and that will be better than any piano concert you will ever hear.  And yes I do have toilets for ladies and gents .  Its gonna be first class….

Hope to see you all thereI

The  Ads    …………

Our Calendar of Events for 2013

Wednesday August 14th     Meeting at Lindfield (Shona Blair)
Sunday, August 18th           Field Day at WATERMAID 24 Tepko Rd Terrey Hills

Saturday September 7th       Chatswood Street Fair
Sunday, September 15th      Field Day at ?

Wednesday October 9th            Meeting at Lindfield
Sunday,       October 13th          Field Day at ?

Sunday, November 17th           Field Day at ?

Christmas Luncheon ???

All  Are  welcome  ……….

Ted Romer

Bee garden update – August 2013

Kur-Ing-Gai Council has progressed work on the Golf Course site to the point where the club has had to move out of our Bee Garden site.

The majority of our equipment has been stored in a 20ft container and the outdoor sales stock and the contents of the shop have been moved to temporary relocatable buildings at St Ives Showground.

Our club house is being dismantled and stored ready for future erection on a new site. The club bee hives are now all located at the nursery adjoining the Wildflower Garden at St Ives.

It is still not clear where the new Bee Garden site will be as it seems an environmental study is required for each new suggested site and this is taking much more time than anticipated. As news comes to hand it will be passed on through emails or on this page.

bee garden 19th May

Just a reminder to one and all that we are having a field day at the Bee Garden at North Turamurra opposite Hartley Close just before the Golf Course starts.  100 metres up the dirt track.

Official start is 11.00 am and the demonstration is putting the girls to bed for the winter…..

Judging from last months viewing there may be some honey extraction before we bed them down…

Our $3.00 sausage sizzle with tea or coffeee  lunch starts about 12.00 pm for some great conversation and answering and queries you may have about your bees.

Great entertainment for the children and a few honey toffees and how they are made will be available for them or those still young in heart..

Hope to see you all there.  Please grab and wear a badge for all to know who you are. Don’t forget to put your name down on the list for lunch so we will know how many snags to cook.

Ted Romer

field day 14th April report

Many thanks to all that came (about 40 in total) to make the day one of cheerful interaction .

Again our thanks must go to Mary Ellen Burke and Rolfe Cambridge and helpers that made our luncheon such a jovial comradely affair. Wonderful lunch and great conversation.

To the four new members that turned up WELCOME.  we hope to see more of you.

I was amused by the over 16s that were eyeing the free honeycomb for the children under 16.  Maybe we should do it more often.

Greg again demonstrated his ability to teach one and all about bees and how to bed them down for winter.  Unfortunately the bees were not ready for that excercise as they had too much honey in each of the hives.  Greg has decided that next month the honey will be taken , extracted and then we will put the girls to bed.