Notice of Annual General Meeting 12th April 2017


Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of the members of the North Shore Beekeepers Association (NSW) Inc. will be held at the Senior Citizens Hall, 259 Pacific Highway, Lindfield on

Wednesday 12th day of April 2017 at 8pm.


. To confirm the Minutes of the AGM held on the 13th day of April 2016.

. To receive the President’s Report.

. To receive the Treasurer’s Report.

. Election of Office Bearers and Committee

. Appoint an Auditor

To vote on the Motion “That the revised constitution be adopted, a copy of which draft was sent to all members by email on 20th March 2017”

Proposed NSBKA Constitution (PDF)
Document explaining the constitution changes – March 2017 (PDF)

Nomination Forms for the election of office bearers are available from

Completed nomination forms must be received by the Secretary (PO Box 3070 North Turramurra NSW 2074) not later than 14 days before the commencement of the meeting, making the closing time 8pm on 29th

Election of office bearers at the AGM

Election of office bearers at the AGM
Wednesday 12th of April, Night Meeting
Senior Citizens Hall at 259 Pacific Highway Lindfield
Meeting begins at 7.30PM

If you read the January issue of “The Beekeeper” you will know what is happening with the AGM. In the interest of this process being completely transparent, I will explain the detail so you don’t have to read the constitution and the association model rules.

Members are invited to stand for positions on the committee if there is interest in that side of the club. All positions are declared vacant at the AGM and if only one nomination is received for a position, then that person nominated will take up the position.

If there is more than one person nominated for a position, an election will be held and will be a “first past the post” counting system. Any equality in voting shall be resolved by lot.

In the event of no nominations being received for a position, then the chairperson will call for nominations from the meeting. If no nominations are received, then that position will be declared vacant.

The nomination form is on the web site and can be found <here>. For a nomination to be valid, you must be nominated by a financial member of the Association, and seconded by another financial member. The nominee must also be a financial member and must sign the form to show their acceptance of the nomination. All nominations must be received by the secretary ( PO Box 3070 North Turramurra 2074) by 31st March 2016.

If you are unable to attend the AGM in person you may decide to give your vote to another member, that member must have your proxy ( form  <here> )  with the secretary no less than 24 hours before the start of the AGM. No member may hold more than five proxies.

I hope this is clear to all. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.

Phil Kavanagh, President, North Shore Beekeepers Association (NSW) Inc.

Nomination Form Click < here >

Proxy Form click < here >



Biosecurity risks to the Northern Rivers beekeeping industry was the focus of the recent Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Biosecurity Compliance Regulatory Officers apiary operation.

DPI Senior Regulatory Inspector Anne Webster said the operation involved random and targeted inspections of beehives in the Lismore area aimed at neglected and abandoned beehives.

“Any neglected and abandoned hives are a major threat to the health of managed  beehives,” Ms Webster said.

“They can be responsible for the spread of notifiable diseases and pests due to the potential for them to become weakened by diseases such as American Foul brood (AFB).

“Neglected or abandoned hives can also become a source of infection for other hives when field bees rob stores from these hives.”

Ms Webster said during the operation hives were inspected for AFB and action was taken for the failure to notify AFB and failure to correctly identify brood boxes.

“A number of AFB infected hives were destroyed as part of the operation to limit the spread of this bacterial disease to other managed apiaries, Ms Webster said.

“Most beekeepers were found to be doing the right thing and complying, but it was disappointing to find that several beekeepers were unregistered.

“An information and practical session was held at the start of the operation by the DPI Biosecurity Compliance Regulatory Officers to heighten beekeeper’s voluntary compliance withthe_ NSW Apiaries Act 1985.
“The sessions included information and training in best practice brood inspection for AFB and other pests and disease surveillance techniques.

“Thirty two local beekeepers attended representing all sections of the industry both commercial and amateur. Beekeepers also took the opportunity to speak with the Regulatory Specialist and apiary inspectors about their beekeeping operation.”

Detailed information on pests and diseases of honey bees is available on the DPI web site [1]

Photo Caption: Beekeeping demonstration by Mick Rankmore, DPI Regulatory Specialist Apiary

MEDIA CONTACT: ANNE BROOK (02) 6763 1163 OR 0477 358 305

Mick Rankmore | Regulatory Specialist, Apiaries
Biosecurity Compliance
Department of Primary Industries
35-37 Abbott Street | PO Box 546 | Gunnedah NSW 2380
T: +61 2 6741 8374 [2] | M: +61 (0) 0402 078 963
W: [3]

Read the DPI Strategic Plan and watch our video [4]

This message is intended for the addressee named and may contain
confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, please
delete it and notify the sender. Views expressed in this message are
those of the individual sender, and are not necessarily the views of
their organisation.

[2] tel: +61 2 06741 08374

Mick Rankmore DPI Regulatory Specialist Apiary 

Operation to protect Northern Rivers apiary industry


Help Wanted at 2016 Sydney Royal Easter Show


Honeyland promotes beekeeping best practice, and apiary products at the
Sydney Royal Easter Show
This years Royal Easter Show starts on the 17th March 2016 to the 30th
March 2016 and the New South Wales Apiarist Association would appreciate
your help to promote the industry and sell products.
Volunteers will get the chance to meet other beekeepers both commercial
and amateur and have a fun day or days, with sometime to see the show.
If you volunteer you will get free entry to the show that will also
include free public transport by bus, rail and ferry.
In the past North Shore Beekeeping Association members have made a
valuable contribution to Honeyland.

At this stage I have vacancies on most days, so pick the day or days
that suit you.

Should you wish to volunteer please contact Bruce White or phone 96346792 your help would be much
Bruce White
Coordinator Honeyland.

Sad news…

Sad news…
Michael Vordis who has been a member of the North Shore Beekeepers Association for many many years passed away on Friday.
Michael has been Jim Toliopoulous’s right hand man in the sale of equipment for many years and helped make the club what it is.

Bees available now!

From Phil Kavanagh

This year there are many swarms and apart from the three I have waiting for new homes, I’m hearing of other swarm collectors in the club who also have bees ready for new owners.

If you are a new member waiting for a swarm to start your new hive, contact me on 0402 232014 or and let me know. I’m keeping a list and will coordinate with other swarm collectors to ensure you get your bees as soon as possible.  You will need at least one box, a base board, a lid and enough frames with foundation to fill your box. Because we are now experiencing a big nectar flow, a second box ready to go would be advisable.

If you are an existing member wanting more bees, stay in touch as I’m sure there will be enough excess swarms to go around.

The best way to become introduced to beekeeping is to accompany an experienced member in collecting swarms, so contact all the people already on the swarm list on the web site and offer your help. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll probably be surprised at just how easy it is to collect a swarm.

Be quick to get your boxes ready as these swarms are happening now!!!!

June Bee Garden

To all that came… more than 35 of you a great vote of thanks to Rolf Cambridge  for his superb cooking of the sausages and Mary Ellen Burke for serving such a wonderful lunch with the assistance of Joan Stebbing.

Many many thanks for your superb efforts.

I think we all learned something from the lessons on how to clean wax by boiling it up with a 1/3 of a cup of vinegar per litre of water  to separate the rubbish and then filtering.

Into the pot for melting

Into the pot for melting

Melting wax in the boiler

Melting wax in the boiler

All were surprised how slow it is to make a few candles with a wick and a lead weight.

Only 20 dips to go

Only 20 dips to go

Thanks Phil for a great demo and thanks to Joan for bringing along her candle molds..

Peter Marvell’s making of cream honey with his “K” beater  was fascinating.
Beating the living daylights out of it.

Beating the living daylights out of it.

To get such white cream honey was truly an experience.

20140615_Masdter creamer

It can't be that hard!!

It can’t be that hard!!

​Our novice learned his lesson well.

Many thanks to all for a great day

Ted Romer

What’s on in June?

The events below are listed in the “Coming Events” page so have a look and come along

June 11th Wednesday – Gadget Night. This promises to be a fun night with everyone comparing the latest ideas of how to keep bees.  Bring yourself, your gadgets and a friend and you both might learn something.

June 15th Sunday – Candles, Wax & Creamed Honey.  Come along with some of your spare wax and some honey. We’ll be showing how to clean wax, make foundation, dip candles, and make creamed honey. You even get to take your creamed honey home and also take a candle if you donate some wax.

Looking forward to seeing you at both events this month.

Regards,  Phil Kavanagh,  President


St Ives on the Green

Ted has emailed the following message to all members and it is now posted here as general news. I agree completely with Ted. It was good weather and a very successful day. Come to Knox next Saturday and share the joy of letting people appreciate our pastime of keeping bees.   Phil Kavanagh

Many thanks to one and all for your presence help and support for being at our stall yesterday for the Ku-ring-Gai St Ives Festival on the green.  About 15 or so of our members put in an appearance and help throughout the day.  A great day was had by all and many thanks.

20140504_Festival on the green 133026

Our girls ( The real ones) in Joan Stebbing, Sue Robertson, Roz Dale were super sales girls amd helped sell all but 12 bottles of honey  Well over a 180 bottles of honey sold as well as wax candles and golf balls.  The drones out shone themselves in their ability to also sell and would not get a job in a real beehive unless they changed their sex.  Who said men could not work……

Lots of music and entertainment.


For me the highlight was being able to talk to some 100 children or more with their parents about our bees.  And then to cap it all off even the children turned and said  “Thank You”.  If you ever need your spirits lifted come to one of these functions and talk to them.  You will never forget it.

Hope to see you all at Knox grammar school next Saturday the 10th May at  Wahroonga  on the Pacific H’way from 9.00 to 3.00 pm.

Ted Romer