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Members are reminded that subscriptions for the year 2017 are due on 1st January.
Adult Membership $30   Family Membership $35  Pensioner Family  $25    Pensioner/Junior $20  First time joining fee $10

New members who joined the Association after 1st October 2016 need not renew
their subscription as their 2016 subscription will cover 2017.
For your convenience there are 2 ways of paying.

1. Click on the link above, print the page, fill in your details and post it with a cheque to:
North Shore Beekeepers Association ( NSW ) Inc
PO Box 3070 North Turramurra, NSW 2074


2. Pay online by EFT.
North Shore Beekeepers Association (NSW) Inc.
BSB 032-083 Account Number 16-8197.

When paying online include your name on the payment, otherwise we
won’t know who you are or where the payment came from!

Then email your notification of payment with:
Your name, home address, email address and contact phone numbers to:
Roger Murphy :

Thank you!