Why keep bees?

Why Keep Bees?

Because of our remote geographical location, being surrounded by sea, Australia is protected (up to a point) from many issues threatening bee populations in other countries.  All of these diseases and pests will eventually reach Australia, so the more people involved in managing bee colonies, the greater the chance of their survival.

Bees are the major pollinator of plants in the world and without them there would be few plant crops unaffected. It is said that should bees disappear, humanity would only last for 4 years or so.

Of course, the better educated our beekeepers are, the better the chances for our bees.

Being a member of a club such as NSBKA, where there is a free flow of information on the latest and best techniques, enhances your chance of having a lot of fun keeping bees with the added benefit of lots of honey to give to your friends.

Bees will thrive in almost any location with a sunny aspect and a water supply. A bee hive can be kept in as small a place as the balcony in a block of home units up to homes with large acreages.  Space is not a problem, but the smaller the site, the more careful you will have to be with neighbourly relations.