Bees available now!

From Phil Kavanagh

This year there are many swarms and apart from the three I have waiting for new homes, I’m hearing of other swarm collectors in the club who also have bees ready for new owners.

If you are a new member waiting for a swarm to start your new hive, contact me on 0402 232014 or and let me know. I’m keeping a list and will coordinate with other swarm collectors to ensure you get your bees as soon as possible.  You will need at least one box, a base board, a lid and enough frames with foundation to fill your box. Because we are now experiencing a big nectar flow, a second box ready to go would be advisable.

If you are an existing member wanting more bees, stay in touch as I’m sure there will be enough excess swarms to go around.

The best way to become introduced to beekeeping is to accompany an experienced member in collecting swarms, so contact all the people already on the swarm list on the web site and offer your help. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll probably be surprised at just how easy it is to collect a swarm.

Be quick to get your boxes ready as these swarms are happening now!!!!

7 thoughts on “Bees available now!

  1. Hi there, I am living at Bankstown NSW and cannot find any beekeeping association at my area. My husband and I love gardening and we reckon bees love to come to our garden. As there are not many around the area, I just wonder where we should start. Would you mind to give us some indication what we should do? Thank you in advance.

    • While you are of course most welcome to attend one of our club meetings, the tyranny of distance might make that a little difficult.

      Why not check out this link to find a club closer to you –

      Hornsby beekeeping store also has a shop located near Penrith, they might be able to help too


    • Hi Bronwyn, you have come to the right place to start your beekeeping journey 🙂

      Your best bet is to get along to one of our meetings, either a open day on selected sundays or a evening club meeting, have a look at the coming events page for more details

  2. I will need bees in December – when my ordered box arrives :))))
    In the meantime I plan to come to your day out on the 15th March to learn lots on how to ‘keep’ them etc

    Awesome service


    Michelle 🙂

    • Hi Michelle – have you just ordered one of the FLOW boxes? I thought you might as they’re scheduled to arrive in December. We have too! We’ll need bees and also need to learn much more before it arrives. I hope to meet you at one of the days out as it’s fun to walk the “beginners” journey with someone else.

      All the best

      • HI Elizabeth,
        If you Call Joan Stebbing 9489 6476 – I’m sure she could let you know how much club honey is available and the best way of getting your hands on some.

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