St Ives on the Green

Ted has emailed the following message to all members and it is now posted here as general news. I agree completely with Ted. It was good weather and a very successful day. Come to Knox next Saturday and share the joy of letting people appreciate our pastime of keeping bees.   Phil Kavanagh

Many thanks to one and all for your presence help and support for being at our stall yesterday for the Ku-ring-Gai St Ives Festival on the green.  About 15 or so of our members put in an appearance and help throughout the day.  A great day was had by all and many thanks.

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Our girls ( The real ones) in Joan Stebbing, Sue Robertson, Roz Dale were super sales girls amd helped sell all but 12 bottles of honey  Well over a 180 bottles of honey sold as well as wax candles and golf balls.  The drones out shone themselves in their ability to also sell and would not get a job in a real beehive unless they changed their sex.  Who said men could not work……

Lots of music and entertainment.


For me the highlight was being able to talk to some 100 children or more with their parents about our bees.  And then to cap it all off even the children turned and said  “Thank You”.  If you ever need your spirits lifted come to one of these functions and talk to them.  You will never forget it.

Hope to see you all at Knox grammar school next Saturday the 10th May at  Wahroonga  on the Pacific H’way from 9.00 to 3.00 pm.

Ted Romer

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  1. I was very interested your Talk @ the Barrabrui probus club on Friday the 24th.
    Looking forward to seeing you @ the St Ives Village green on sunday 3rd May

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