Election of office bearers at the AGM

Election of office bearers at the AGM
Wednesday 12th of April, Night Meeting
Senior Citizens Hall at 259 Pacific Highway Lindfield
Meeting begins at 7.30PM

If you read the January issue of “The Beekeeper” you will know what is happening with the AGM. In the interest of this process being completely transparent, I will explain the detail so you don’t have to read the constitution and the association model rules.

Members are invited to stand for positions on the committee if there is interest in that side of the club. All positions are declared vacant at the AGM and if only one nomination is received for a position, then that person nominated will take up the position.

If there is more than one person nominated for a position, an election will be held and will be a “first past the post” counting system. Any equality in voting shall be resolved by lot.

In the event of no nominations being received for a position, then the chairperson will call for nominations from the meeting. If no nominations are received, then that position will be declared vacant.

The nomination form is on the web site and can be found <here>. For a nomination to be valid, you must be nominated by a financial member of the Association, and seconded by another financial member. The nominee must also be a financial member and must sign the form to show their acceptance of the nomination. All nominations must be received by the secretary ( PO Box 3070 North Turramurra 2074) by 31st March 2016.

If you are unable to attend the AGM in person you may decide to give your vote to another member, that member must have your proxy ( form  <here> )  with the secretary no less than 24 hours before the start of the AGM. No member may hold more than five proxies.

I hope this is clear to all. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.

Phil Kavanagh, President, North Shore Beekeepers Association (NSW) Inc.

Nomination Form Click < here >

Proxy Form click < here >