June Bee Garden

To all that came… more than 35 of you a great vote of thanks to Rolf Cambridge  for his superb cooking of the sausages and Mary Ellen Burke for serving such a wonderful lunch with the assistance of Joan Stebbing.

Many many thanks for your superb efforts.

I think we all learned something from the lessons on how to clean wax by boiling it up with a 1/3 of a cup of vinegar per litre of water  to separate the rubbish and then filtering.

Into the pot for melting

Into the pot for melting

Melting wax in the boiler

Melting wax in the boiler

All were surprised how slow it is to make a few candles with a wick and a lead weight.

Only 20 dips to go

Only 20 dips to go

Thanks Phil for a great demo and thanks to Joan for bringing along her candle molds..

Peter Marvell’s making of cream honey with his “K” beater  was fascinating.
Beating the living daylights out of it.

Beating the living daylights out of it.

To get such white cream honey was truly an experience.

20140615_Masdter creamer

It can't be that hard!!

It can’t be that hard!!

​Our novice learned his lesson well.

Many thanks to all for a great day

Ted Romer

What’s on in June?

The events below are listed in the “Coming Events” page so have a look and come along

June 11th Wednesday – Gadget Night. This promises to be a fun night with everyone comparing the latest ideas of how to keep bees.  Bring yourself, your gadgets and a friend and you both might learn something.

June 15th Sunday – Candles, Wax & Creamed Honey.  Come along with some of your spare wax and some honey. We’ll be showing how to clean wax, make foundation, dip candles, and make creamed honey. You even get to take your creamed honey home and also take a candle if you donate some wax.

Looking forward to seeing you at both events this month.

Regards,  Phil Kavanagh,  President