News from the club prez…

Hello Beekeepers,

The next Bee Garden day will be held at Kavanagh Balloons factory at 10 Marina Close Mount Kuring-Gai 2080 on 17th November.

There are still a couple of hives to be re-queened and this will happen on the day. Also with the help of all, Greg will be extracting honey from the club hives. It is not certain if those hives will be moved to Mount Kuring-Gai for the extraction or we might remove the frames from the hives at the Wildflower Nursery before the Bee Garden day and just concentrate on the actual extraction process.

The club Christmas Luncheon will also be held at 10 Marina Close Mount Kuring-Gai 2080 and this is scheduled for 24th November.  Have a look at the web site soon and all the details will be posted on the “Coming Events” page.  Catering arrangements will also be published by email and on the web site soon.

This has been a busy year for our club with many new members starting off in beekeeping.  It has also been a trying time for all of us since the loss of the Turramurra Bee Garden  site.   The Ku-Ring-Gai council officers assure me that they are working as fast as possible to  get us into a new site, but are somewhat constrained by new laws governing environmental issues, not to mention new Development Application
issues.  I am hopeful of working this through to a successful conclusion, but it does seem like an uphill battle at the moment.

Looking forward to seeing you all on 17th.

Regards,   Phil Kavanagh    President

Bees in the news

Hi All,

Just a short note to alert you to an upcoming radio story on bees. If you follow the link below you will see the program description and the time it goes to air tomorrow. Also if you type “Bees” into the search panel on the same page you will see other programs already aired and these may be of interest.
Happy listening.

Regards,  Phil Kavanagh