Ted talks – august 2013

Don’t forget, this Wednesday at the seniors Hall at Lindfield we will have a talk by Shona Blair.  Her last talk some three years ago is still  embedded in my mind and she is well worth listening to.  She showed slides on the healing powers of honey and recently I had the opportunity to put her results to the test on my scarred pussy faced  granddaughter. She photographed her face for a month.  The results are quite amazing since the antibiotics for the last two years had had little effect.

So I will hope to see you here.

As you may be aware our bee-shed has been razed to the ground and the area is now flattened.  Next Sunday the field day will be at my factory in Tepko Road.  Lots of ground and you can park in the grounds of  22 or 26 Tepko Road. There is also parking at 24 my factory address but it may be a bit close to the bees if you bring children. Lots of playing area for them .  Mary Ellen is overseas and unable to cook for the day.  Any volunteers welcome.

The demonstration will be on preparing bees for the summer. I hope Greg will also be able to demonstrate dividing hives to make new ones as per Bruce Whites talk last month.

Also on Demonstration will be my latest Gadget to save the world from bee pests.  For anyone that read the July ABK journal on the use of Chlorine and its failure.  I once boiled some hives in 1% bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) for 5 hours four years ago and the results for AFB were still POSITIVE.

I have researched the use of Ozone.

It has the potential to kill anything and everything.  I have been putting controlled doses of Ozone into one of my hives. To date I have not killed the bees but the chalkbrood  numbers have diminished and I suspect the small hive beetle numbers are down.

Your job next Sunday will be to record what you see before I put my solar powered ozone generators into the hives.  The great thing about the Ozone generator is that it costs less than $20 to make.

If you are coming then I have limited seating… only about 20 chairs so bring a chair and table if you can.

Ian Savin has promised to play the  piano for you all and that will be better than any piano concert you will ever hear.  And yes I do have toilets for ladies and gents .  Its gonna be first class….

Hope to see you all thereI

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Our Calendar of Events for 2013

Wednesday August 14th     Meeting at Lindfield (Shona Blair)
Sunday, August 18th           Field Day at WATERMAID 24 Tepko Rd Terrey Hills

Saturday September 7th       Chatswood Street Fair
Sunday, September 15th      Field Day at ?

Wednesday October 9th            Meeting at Lindfield
Sunday,       October 13th          Field Day at ?

Sunday, November 17th           Field Day at ?

Christmas Luncheon ???

All  Are  welcome  ……….

Ted Romer

Bee garden update – August 2013

Kur-Ing-Gai Council has progressed work on the Golf Course site to the point where the club has had to move out of our Bee Garden site.

The majority of our equipment has been stored in a 20ft container and the outdoor sales stock and the contents of the shop have been moved to temporary relocatable buildings at St Ives Showground.

Our club house is being dismantled and stored ready for future erection on a new site. The club bee hives are now all located at the nursery adjoining the Wildflower Garden at St Ives.

It is still not clear where the new Bee Garden site will be as it seems an environmental study is required for each new suggested site and this is taking much more time than anticipated. As news comes to hand it will be passed on through emails or on this page.