field day 14th April report

Many thanks to all that came (about 40 in total) to make the day one of cheerful interaction .

Again our thanks must go to Mary Ellen Burke and Rolfe Cambridge and helpers that made our luncheon such a jovial comradely affair. Wonderful lunch and great conversation.

To the four new members that turned up WELCOME.  we hope to see more of you.

I was amused by the over 16s that were eyeing the free honeycomb for the children under 16.  Maybe we should do it more often.

Greg again demonstrated his ability to teach one and all about bees and how to bed them down for winter.  Unfortunately the bees were not ready for that excercise as they had too much honey in each of the hives.  Greg has decided that next month the honey will be taken , extracted and then we will put the girls to bed.